Top Reads: March 2020

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March has been a crazy month – our first daughter arrived (early!) and the world was gripped by the Coronavirus pandemic. In spite of both of those momentous, life-changing events (or, in the latter, perhaps because of!) I managed to get a reasonable amount of reading done – although I do have a bit of a backlog of books to review! Here are Ten Things I read in March that I think others might be interested in…

  1. Firstly, a book. ‘Does God Really Like Me?  by the Holsclaws. TLDR? A powerful book that touched a nerve, and invites readers into the truth and beauty of God.
  2. Kate Bowler’s newest book The Preacher’s Wife is an essential look at evangelical women celebrities.
  3. I’m a fan of the Colour Profiling thing, and ‘Surrounded by Idiots‘ is the book of that. TLDR? This book helped me understand different people. Recommended.
  4. Ollie Lansdowne is back! A great blog post on the unimaginable peace he finds in Jesus. TLDR? Ollie lives in London, with an underlying health condition. But he is at peace. Read this.
  5. Al Hsu’s Grieving a Suicide is superb. TLDR? An excellent book on grief, whether from a suicide or grief more generally.
  6. As ‘online church’ becomes a ‘thing’, this is one of the best blogs about communion. TLDR? Households can do it, but “Let the absence of this meal make you hunger even more for that future meal”
  7. Gavin and Anne Calver’s Unleashed: The Acts Church Today is a cracker. TLDR? Take Acts seriously and get on with God’s mission!
  8. Premier had a great blog about ‘Love in a Time of Lockdown’. TLDR? Don’t move in together unless you are married.
  9. I’ve been loving getting to grips with the new BST NIV Bible. TLDR? Perfect for housegroup leaders and people wanting a portable but useful study bible.
  10. Over at Christian Today David Baker sheds light on a trial that should shame all Anglicans, and make all Christians think. TLDR? Love doesn’t always mean love…

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