Eucharisma – an Interview with Tim Suffield

From time to time I like to highlight on my blog, for the few who read it regularly, ‘things’ which I think are particularly cool. Today I’m highlighting something that I think is particularly cool. But read on to find out more!

Eucharisma an interview with Tim Suffield

Hi, Tim, who are you and what do you do?


Hi Tom, I’m a writer, blogger, University Manager, and pastor. I’m also studying part time for an MA by Research in Theology and as of right now am one of the founding editors of Eucharisma.

Which is perhaps more strings than I have bows!

I’m married to Helen and we live in South Birmingham.


Where are you at church and how did you end up there?


I’m part of King’s Church Birmingham, where I’m an elder. I was an elder at the church we were planted from in Nottingham (Grace Church Nottingham) and a few years after it was planted, we followed Jesus’ call to move to Birmingham and join the church.

In lots of ways the move was difficult for us; it took a year for me to get a job in the city, we had our savings stolen by a cowboy builder. Even now, five years later, it’s not always clear why Jesus wanted us to move here, but we trust that he did!


What does theology mean to you?


Is it trite to just say “the study of God” and move on? Theology is the Church at large’s quest to, in faith, seek to understand God, humans, and everything else. Which is a slight mangling of St Anselm’s claim it was ‘faith seeking understanding.’

Theology is what the Church does, together, to understand the Scriptures and to put them into practice in the place and time we find ourselves in. It’s a vital part of loving Jesus with all of our minds.


How do you think theology can help the charismatic/Pentecostal church in the UK?


We’ve got a reputation for not being fond of thinking. Not, entirely, an unwarranted reputation either. In my circles it’s common for Pastors to be largely untrained, which makes it difficult for them to train their people in the faith or to know that our forebears have grappled with similar questions to us in ways that can help us.

There are 2000 years’ worth of people who’ve loved Jesus and thought carefully about the faith for us to dialogue with.

Theology can help us train leaders and help individuals use their minds to follow Jesus to the best of our abilities.


What is eucharisma and how will it help?


Eucharisma is a theological ‘journal’ aimed at Pentecostal and Charismatic churches and Pastors in the UK. We think that there are few opportunities for theologically inclined people to write in charismatic spaces; this idea first popped into my head when I had to publish an article about the UK charismatic church on an American website. Getting to write will shape the thinking of our future thinkers and teachers.

More than that though, we hope to engage Pastors and others who are interested with theological work that’s written for them from across the UK charismatic worlds.


How can people get involved?


Three ways!

1)    You can read it. The first issue will be published in April at You can sign up to the mailing list there to get notified when it’s out.

2)    If you like something you read, or vehemently disagree with it, please share it with others. That’s the only way we’ll attract readers.

3)    You can write for us. If you can sign our forms of unity then we’d love to consider a piece from you. All the details of how to do that are on the site.


What can we be praying for you in this and your other ministry?


My fellow editor, Jonathan Black, and I, are doing this alongside multiple jobs (each!) and aren’t funded by anyone. Pray that we’d work diligently, with wisdom, to get this off the ground. Pray that it would serve the church of Jesus in this nation rather than being a vanity project. Pray that we’d be able to glorify him with our minds and encourage others to do so too.


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