Sometimes I do other things, than blogging here.

I’ve written pieces for various online media outlets

Jericho Online
China: The Untold Story of the World’s Largest Church

Mission Theology in the Anglican Communion
Reflections on the Water: The 2016 Laing Lecture.
Theology Does Not Stand Still: ‘The New Dictionary of Theology: Historical and Systematic’.

The Bridge
Reformation Day: All about access
Free From? What does freedom from sin mean?
Redeemer. Reflections on a brilliant hymn.
Lover of My Soul. A personal reflection on language in relation to God.
Unity. A few thoughts after the election of Justin Welby and Francis to their respective roles.

Evangelical’s Now (also in print)
A Canterbury Tale (a front page article on Justin Welby’s visit to Trent Vineyard)

The Good Men Project
Arm Candy in Principle – a piece about ‘Sugar Daddies’
With Grace – a piece for a secular organisation on how the Christian concept of grace shapes my thinking about grace.

My book reviews have appeared in

Evangelical’s Now

Churchman (The Journal of Church Society)

Foundations (The Journal of Affinity)

The Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

I’ve spoken at a range of events and conferences

Christian Unions (main meetings, houseparties, Theology Network Groups, National and Regional Forums, school CU’s)

Theological Conferences (nationally and internationally, confessionally and ‘secular’)

New Media Conferences (Premier Digital Conference, 2014, 2016)

Premier Webinar on doing charismatic ministry online (august 2020)

Vineyard Church events

  • SWLV Evening Services
  • Sermon at South West London Vineyard – link to talk
  • Sermon at Durham Vineyard Church
  • Sermon at Trinity Christian Fellowship in Thorp/Stanley, Wisconsin