Book Review: Surrounded by Idiots

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Surrounded by Idiots Book ReviewI remember the first time I came across the ‘Colour Profiling’ trend. I’m a natural sceptic – cynical towards many things, so it seemed to me to be just another pyramid scheme, or random test like Myers Briggs or the Enneagram. However, I was persuaded by a) actual accuracy and b) the system’s focus on communications preferences rather than personality, that this is a useful tool. Working with people who communicate differently from me is tiring – and this system gave me words to articulate that, and action points to go away and work on. You can imagine my excitement, then, when I realised that this was available in a book.

Have you ever felt like everyone around you is communicating ‘wrong’?

Do you ever feel like people you work with are not understanding what you are saying?

It may be that such a thing would never occur to you – but I’d wager that will have some resonance with what others have experienced.

Surrounded by Idiots is a simple, readable and entertaining book that takes four different kinds of human behaviour, and unpacks how we can understand ourselves and those around us better. It isn’t a Christian book, but I think it is helpful for Christian teams to work with, as it recognizes that people are both good and bad, and need to communicate with people from across a range of spectrums. I’d recommend this book as both an introduction to the Colour Profiling system, and a a useful way to think about what makes people different, particularly in terms of communication.

Anyone else read it?

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