Pitch Me.

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Pitch Me

As I shared recently, I’ve moved back to SPCK Group to work for IVP, the UK’s leading evangelical publisher.

As well as doing some digital marketing, I’m also starting to commission books and content.

So, if you’ve got an idea, I’d love to hear from you! While there are some theological limits on what we publish, I believe that evangelicalism is a big tent, with a lot of space for generosity, and so if you might not have thought of IVP in the first instance for your book, then why not run it by me?

I’m also hoping to make the IVP blog a more interesting space for readers – so if you LOVE an IVP book and want to share some thoughts, or just have a piece that you are looking for a home for, then let’s chat!

Either way, drop me an email…

Pitch Me

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