A Psalm a Day: Book 1 of the Psalter

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One of my ongoing projects, as a form of spiritual discipline, is to try and cover every Psalm in an ‘A Psalm a Day’ format. I recently finished ‘Book 1’ of the Psalter, Psalms 1 through 41. I’ve collected links to them all here. I’ve tried to summarise them here in a sentence – click on the link to dig deeper – which echoes the theological nature of my reflections, by and large, I’ve been trying to see what they say about God.

book one of the psalter


Psalm 1 – Two Ways to Live

Psalm 2 – God is the true power

Psalm 3 – God is there

Psalm 4 – God hears and acts

Psalm 5 – God is in the small, and God has a plan

Psalm 6 – God listens to our cry

Psalm 7 – God is the Lord Most High

Psalm 8 – our Majestic Lord

Psalm 9 – God the Comforting King

Psalm 10 – on God’s Goodness

Psalm 11 – The Lord who’s face we can see

Psalm 12 – the faithfully speaking God

Psalm 13 – God’s unfailing love in lament

Psalm 14 – the Grace of God

Psalm 15 – The Lord who Dwells

Psalm 16 – the generous God

Psalm 17 – imaging the righteous God

Psalm 18 – God the deliverer

Psalm 19 – obedience to the Creator

Psalm 20 – trust and intercession

Psalm 21 – The Lord the Victor

Psalm 22 – God has Not Forsaken

Psalm 23 – The Lord my Shepherd

Psalm 24 – God of Jacob, God of All

Psalm 25 – God: majestic and immediate

Psalm 26 – praising the goodness of God

Psalm 27 – The Lord is Light

Psalm 28 – Pleading to the Reliable God

Psalm 29 – Glory to God

Psalm 30 – Exalting God in Real Life

Psalm 31 – Responding to God our Refuge

Psalm 32 – The Forgiving God

Psalm 33 – on worshipping God

Psalm 34 – God is a hearing God

Psalm 35 – beseeching the Victorious God

Psalm 36 – a powerful, good God

Psalm 37 – engaging with the active God

Psalm 38 – wrestling with God

Psalm 39 – God knows every part of us

Psalm 40 – the God who turns, hears, and comes

Psalm 41 – praising God in all of life

As time goes by, I’ll link below to the other books of the Psalter, and you can also read about some of my recommendations on the Psalms.

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