A Psalm a Day: Book 2 of the Psalter

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One of my ongoing projects, as a form of spiritual discipline, is to try and cover every Psalm in an ‘A Psalm a Day’ format. I recently finished ‘Book 2’ of the Psalter, Psalms 42 through 72. I’ve collected links to them all here. I’ve tried to summarise them here in a sentence – click on the link to dig deeper – which echoes the theological nature of my reflections, by and large, I’ve been trying to see what they say about God.

book two of the psalter

Psalm 42 – the refreshing God.

Psalm 43 – the sure and certain God.

Psalm 44 – remembering God.

Psalm 45 – the God of blessing.

Psalm 46 – the God of refuge.

Psalm 47 – God the King.

Psalm 48 – the unfailing love of God.

Psalm 49 – the wisdom of God.

Psalm 50 – the God who speaks.

Psalm 51 – the merciful God.

Psalm 52 – God’s good name.

Psalm 53 – the God who sees.

Psalm 54 – the God who sustains.

Psalm 55 – the enthroned and immutable God.

Psalm 56 – the trustworthy God.

Psalm 57 – the God we worship.

Psalm 58 – God is the just judge.

Psalm 59 – the reliable God.

Psalm 60 – the victorious God.

Psalm 61 – the God who hears.

Psalm 62 – the God in whom our soul rests.

Psalm 63 – the God to be sought.

Psalm 64 – the God who protects.

Psalm 65 – God the sustaining creator.

Psalm 66 – our awesome God.

Psalm 67 – God, the ruler who blesses.

Psalm 68 – the praise-worthy God.

Psalm 69 – the God of Israel, who knows.

Psalm 70 – God my help and deliverer.

Psalm 71 – God the Holy One of Israel.

Psalm 72 – the God who does marvellous deeds.

As time goes by, I’ll link below to the other books of the Psalter, and you can also read about some of my recommendations on the Psalms.

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