Why not try #DefaultVeg?

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#DefaultVegOne of the side effects of getting interested in how humans have been created, and the Doctrine of Creation more generally, is that you end up bumping up into questions of what to eat when.

Back when Amy and I got married, we aimed (we’ve not really been too good at it!) to have a value of eating some vegetarian meals, at least twice a week.

Regardless of the ongoing debates within and without the church about who can eat what, where, and when, I personally think that eating less meat is probably a good thing. I also really like meat. But some friends have started the #DefaultVeg project, and I think, if you like the way I write and think, you should check it out.

Seriously, though. It’s an easy ask. Cleverly, one isn’t asking others to not eat meat, but to be aware of their choice. It isn’t invading your personal space, or home cooking, but instead asking some questions which include this question – could we save money, and the planet, by eating less meat?

Made me think.

Find out more about #DefaultVeg

On a web design note/digital marketing, I found it hilarious that (Alongside the usual social buttons – take note!) the theme for the website, at the time of writing, is called ‘Kale’:

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