Top Reads: September 2019

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September has been an interesting month for reading as I’ve started a new job, and been preparing for a long holiday in October! Here are the top ten things I’ve read in September 2019.

  1. I’ve finally reviewed the excellent MORE: Truth by Kristi Mair. TLDR? Read this book if you have any interest in ‘truth’.
  2. The Gospel Coalition has an interesting article, ‘Yes, Bring Commentaries to Bible Study‘. TLDR? Agree or disagree with the title.
  3. Alexander Venter’s new book Doing Spirituality is wonderful, if quiet long. TLDR? Want to learn to live like Jesus? Read, and do.
  4. Jon Kurht wrote a great blogpost about ‘Actually Reading the Bible‘. TLDR? We all want to do it, here are some ideas.
  5. Walter Moberly’s The Bible in a Disenchanted Age is awesome, if unintentionally hilarious. TLDR? Proper bible scholar schools Dawkins.
  6. We’ve all heard that Boris has friends who will make money out of Brexit. But is it true? TLDR? Read this article.
  7. For a collection of essays, The Christian Doctrine of Humanity is a brilliant book. TLDR? Want to understand humanity theologically? Start here.
  8. Scott McKnight has written a brilliant blog post, ‘Willow Creek, what is a pastor‘? TLDR? Well worth reading if interested in healthy leadership.
  9. Melvin Tinker’s superb Veiled in Flesh is my new favourite book about the incarnation. TLDR? Understanding more of Jesus inspires worship.
  10. Adam Mabry, author of ‘The Art of Rest‘ has a great blog post about language of ‘s/he has a spirit of’. TLDR? It’s not biblical, so read this article.

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