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Hi, all.

This isn’t a normal thing for me to do, but it will make sense of a likely dearth of blog content in the near term, and also I’m excited.

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve returned to SPCK (where I worked 2016-2018 as Digital Marketing Executive) to work for IVP as Digital Marketing Editor. This exciting new role means focusing entirely on IVP’s publishing – 60% on digital marketing (blogs, email, social media, etc) and 40% on commissioning. I’m seriously excited as I believe IVP is in great shape to bring an authentically intelligent evangelical perspective to all sorts of things, with an English flavour. I’ll be working for Caleb Woodbridge, IVP’s new Publishing Director, who replaces the awesome Steve Mitchell.

If IVP is new to you, well, have a look at their website and check out posts tagged IVP here on my blog.

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