Top Reads: November 2018

November has been a fun month for reading, with a couple of really exciting new books sliding onto my shelf, and some really interesting articles too. Here are Ten things that I’ve read in November 2018 that I think deserve a wider readership…

  1. My friend, Vineyard pastor Luke Geraty, has written an excellent roundup of resources to help people think through what it means to support women in leadership as an aspect of the Kingdom of God. This follows an excellent earlier post on reading the Bible more generally. TLDR? You have more reading to do.
  2. I read and reviewed a soberingly superb book on the Holocaust. TLDR? You need to read this book.
  3. Debbie Hayton wrote, originally for the Spectator, about how ‘Not all transsexuals think trans women are women‘. TLDR? This is an alt. take that most people will ignore because it is complex.
  4. I loved Chris Lane’s Ordinary Miracles. TLDR? A book for and about church/leadership, which resonates with a few of my favourite themes.
  5. Guvna B (rapper and author of Unpopular Culture) has written a fascinating post about ‘Gospel Drill‘. TLDR? Contextualisation sometimes rubs the core of the Gospel the wrong way.
  6. Shameless personal plug – my four conference papers from this year are now readable, in a vaguely finished format.
  7. David Bennett’s brilliant book A War of Loves is out. TLDR? Go and read this book if you care about sex, spirituality, and/or Jesus. Also beautifully written.
  8. Robin Ham has helpfully collected some Christmas videos – perfect for church services, outreach, etc, at this time of year.
  9. Ian Paul had a great post from Mike Higton, ‘How To Explain the Trinity in Words of One Syllable‘. TLDR? Read this, and share it with people who think the Trinity is nerdiness for academics.
  10. Over at Christianity Today, Ed Stetzer wrote a helpful reflection on the story of John Chau. TLDR? Best thing on this complex story.

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