Top Reads: February 2020

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As the second month of 2020 comes to an end, and my wife formally begins her maternity leave, I’ve tried to read as much as possible before the baby comes! Here are my Top Ten Things, all read in the last month.

  1. John Kuhrt wrote a blog post: Streatham: Twisted religion cannot destroy loving faith in community. TLDR? a profound and prophetic response to an act of religious violence.
  2. Anne Calver’s new book Baby Change is really honest and helpful. TLDR? Perfect for nervous parents.
  3. A New York Times article sheds some light on the randomness of Richard Rohr.
  4. Matthew Bates Gospel Allegiance is a really helpful introduction to his thinking. TLDR? Great book, well worth reading.
  5. Lord Ashcroft has an interesting post-mortem for Labour after their election defeat. TLDR? Labour supporters should read this.
  6. The new devotional His Testimonies, My Heritage is superb. TLDR? Women of colour on the word of God. Psalm 119. Read this.
  7. Garry Williams blog post ‘Get Out More’ is excellent. TLDR? Read wider, think better.
  8. Sam Allberry’s new Why Does God Care Who I Sleep With? TLDR? Brilliant book.
  9. Christianity Today have a great piece on polyamory. TLDR? The next sexual frontier is already here.
  10. Phil Knox’s new Story Bearer is brilliant. TLDR? A timely book on evangelism for today. Read it!

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