Book Review: His Testimonies, My Heritage

His Testimonies My Heritage

Reviewing a devotional can feel quite difficult. Am I reviewing the book’s interpretation of Scripture, it’s theology, it’s utility, or something else? Add in the complexity that a multi-contributor volume brings to the table, and your reviewer is further puzzled. Even more, there are numerous poems and personal reflections interwoven with more traditional devotional fare – making this a book that I couldn’t read quickly.

I ended up using His Testimonies, My Heritage as part of my quiet times. I was richly rewarded and blessed by that choice.

This is a devotional that takes the Word of God seriously – the contributors all expound and explore various parts of Psalm 119, itself a Psalm that celebrates and rejoices in the truth and existence of God’s word. The authors also take themselves seriously – not in a flippant, self-promoting way – bringing their full selves to the text, and offering the reader personal stories that resonate with the biblical themes, covering the full range of human emotion.

In her endorsement of the book, Hannah Anderson writes “At certain times and in certain places, this book would have been illegal for its authors to write. Today, between these pages, they triumph. Listen“. I couldn’t agree more. This book is written exclusively by women of colour. As a white man, it is easy for me to read books about the Bible, at all levels, by people quite like me. His Testimonies, My Heritage is thus a genuine gift. It is powerful. It is honest. It helped me rejoice in the truth and power of God’s Word even as it challenged and provoked me in my comfortable life.

I would heartily recommend that any Christian looking for a devotional to help their Bible reading try this book. It is really excellent. One note – the contributors, perhaps reflecting their own theological convictions, occasionally refer to readers as ‘sisters’. This does not mean that this book is just for women! I hope that it will be widely read and will be a catalyst for deeper engagement with God’s word by God’s people.

Bravo to The Good Book Company for publishing this, and thanks for the review copy!

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