Top Reads: December 2019

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December was a good month for reading – a full month back at IVP/SPCK, and lots of interesting things. Here are Ten Things I think other people should read.

  1. David Firth’s Including the Stranger – a timely and brilliantly put together book about God’s plan for ethnic diversity. TLDR? Read this!
  2. An interview with N. T. Wright in The Atlantic. TLDR? Really good introduction to the man and his thought.
  3. N. T. Wright’s History and Eschatology – a new technical book from a prolific theologian. TLDR? An imperfect contender for book of the year.
  4. An interesting TGC article from 2015 on the value of abstinence. TLDR? Read this for part of an orthodox sexual ethic.
  5. Mez McConnell’s The Creaking on the Stairs. TLDR? A superb book about childhood abuse and Christian responses.
  6. Can we raise the Dead like Jesus did? TLDR? A thoughtful perspective from TGC, complementing my own post on #WakeUpOlive
  7. Noel Fitzpatrick’s Listening to the Animals. TLDR? Like the Supervet? You’ll love this. An interesting and readable autobiography.
  8. Wright also had a great piece in TIME about heaven. TLDR? The New Testament probably doesn’t say what you think it does.
  9. Fleming Rutledge’s Advent is a beautiful collection of sermons. TLDR? The only Advent book you’ll ever need.
  10. That Christianity Today editorial. TLDR? Read it.

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