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God's Treasured Possession by Terry Virgo

To certain sections of evangelicalism, Terry Virgo will need no introduction. For others, the church, it’s helpful to understand that he is the founder of NewFrontiers; this reformed and charismatic church planting movement is a particularly vibrant and interesting phenomenon in recent church history. Terry has reached across different tribal divides, preaching at UCCF merrily as he is interacting with more charismatic brothers and sisters in a range of countries, styles and context. He’s also quite a bit older than me, and so it was a genuine privilege to be able to work with him on the shaping of this little devotional book.

Gods Treasured Possession walks the reader through the life of Moses, echoing the new Testament injunction to think about the history of our forefathers in faith, and weaving in various stories and testimonies from Terry’s own life and ministry. The story of Moses is one of faith, obedience, and redemption. As other books have shown, it dovetails with the rest of the big story of the Bible in beautiful and profound way.

Whilst this little book has 30 chapters it isn’t actually written as a devotional, but rather as a piece of prose to read and enjoy, useful for Christians looking for inspiration and encouragement, and possibly to pastors preaching on the life of Moses. However, it is a book that could work as an undated 30 day devotional. That’s certainly how some will choose to use it!

The cover design is inspired by Deuteronomy 14:2, One of the places where we read that gods people are his treasured possession. If you have the paperback, the sort of sandy footstep design is picked out in gold foil – echoing the deserts Moses is known for, and the treasure that God formed in and through him.

You can buy God’s Treasured Possession direct from IVP, or from all good online and offline bookshops.

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