When I Want to Tell you about Living Out

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The aptly named ‘Living Out‘ is a well designed, well-resourced website that seeks to change the way a difficult conversation is had. In the website’s own words:

We want: 

  • To help Christian brothers and sisters who experience same-sex attraction stay faithful to Biblical teaching on sexual ethics and flourish at the same time.
  • To help the Christian Church understand how they can better help those who experience same-sex attraction to flourish.
  • To help the wider world hear and understand that there is more than just one viable script for those who are same-sex attracted.

In my mind, that is a brilliant set of aims, and I’m especially excited to see what people make of this idea of another viable script. Because Sex(uality) is not enough.

The website features video stories, articles, and quotes from notable people like C.S.Lewis and New Testament Scholar Richard Hays. It is an incredibly helpful resource, and, brilliantly for an evangelical/traditional web presence, is well designed, cleanly laid out, and user-friendly. Sometimes the medium is as important as the message, and I’m glad to report that Living Out have thought carefully about the presentation and usability of their site.

I was lucky to see a preview of the site, and thought it was very helpful then, and even better now it is live. I also enjoyed some prawns for lunch, something that as a Christian I am free under grace to do. A lot of the time, when discussing the issue of the Bible’s ethical teaching, this eating of shellfish and homosexuality are linked, and so I’m grateful that Living Out has a helpful article on this. Read it here.

That’s pretty much it from me today, and I will (hopefully) not be blogging on this topic too much anytime soon.


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