Top Reads: September to November 2020

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Top Reads Autumn 2020

I skipped August as it was so busy I didn’t manage to write the reviews of books that I read. Then I got out of the rhythm, so here’s a roundup of ten things that I read in the last three months that I think folk should read. Maybe there’ll be a Christmas present idea or two!

  1. A helpful blog post about becoming a father. TLDR? The first 10 years matter. Be there.
  2. Mike Higton’s Grove Booklet Why Doctrine Matters is a triumph. Read it. And this interview.
  3. I enjoyed this piece about John Boyega in GQ. TLDR? Read this, fascinating insights into race, celebrity, privilege and anger, among other things.
  4. Chris Wright’s Here Are Your Gods! was nearly my IVP book of the year. TLDR? Read this book if you care about faith and politics.
  5. Graham Tomlin’s Why Being Yourself is a Bad Idea is brilliant. TLDR? Everyone should read this book.
  6. Jennie Pollock’s If Only is a lovely little book. TLDR? Everyone has an ‘if only…’ in their life. This book engages that well.
  7. Ben Jack’s My Lord and My God. TLDR? A helpful short book about evangelism and doubt.
  8. Tony Lane’s Sin and Grace is superb. TLDR? This is an academic book that anyone can read, about the most important things in the world.
  9. Not a BST, but The Message of the Book of Revelation. TLDR? Wonderfully timely older short commentary.
  10. Kate Bowler’s Blessed is brilliant. TLDR? This is a superb book about the prosperity gospel.

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