Top Reads: October 2019

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Having started a new job last month, and almost immediately going on holiday for three weeks, October has been a good month for reading things! Here are some snippeted highlights.

  1. Simon Cozens new book Looking Shame in the Eye is superb. TLDR? Think Brene Brown, but biblical.
  2. A long TGC article about how an internship program is making waves for the Kingdom. TLDR? Worth reading if you are involved in mentoring/emerging leaders, etc.
  3. James K. A. Smith’s new book on Augustine is WONDERFUL. TLDR? Might be my book of the year.
  4. Quillette carries a thought-provoking piece ‘Is Anyone Born in the wrong body?‘ TLDR? Worth pondering.
  5. Tim Farron’s new book A Better Ambition is a must-read for anyone interested in faith and politics. TLDR? Great fun, worth reading.
  6. 5 Things Singles wish Married Couples Knew. TLDR? Helpful little article from 2017, for a Christian audience.
  7. Ashley Cocksworth’s brilliant Prayer: A Guide for the Perplexed is a genuinely useful book on the theology and practice of prayer.
  8. Scott McKnight asks the hard question, ‘Willow Creek, what is a pastor?‘ TLDR? Vital reading for those interested in Christian leadership.
  9. Tom Camacho’s Mining for Gold is a great book for developing leaders. TLDR? Interested in coaching and Christian leadership? Read this book.
  10. Another TGC article, ‘Five Books on the Prosperity Gospel‘, is a really helpful primer.

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