Top Reads: October 2017

Following on from my September Selections, here are a few things I’ve read, both books and articles, over October that I hope you’ll find interesting.

  1. ‘Our Minds can be hijacked’: the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia – a chilling, if superbly written, piece listening to the stories of those who helped create Google, Twitter, and Facebook, and why they are deliberately starting to disconnect.

2. Can Christian mission be effective without the arts? A thought-provoking post by Keir Shreeves over on Ian Paul’s blog Psephizo.

3. Evangelicalism as a Mission Field for Evangelical Scholars – a superb bit of writing which I hope my faithful academic friends will read and be encouraged by.

4. The Forgotten Cross by Lee Gatiss – a great little book on the crux of the Christian faith. Highly recommended – readable and rooted.

5. Ten Lessons From 45 Years Training Leaders by Steve Nicholson. This is a great post by a real hero of the faith – a long-serving and faithful pastor. This is a practical and helpful read for those involved in church leadership.

6. Something is wrong on the internet – a very long, disturbing but important read, for both those of us who create content for the internet, and those of us who consume it. I hope friends with kids in particular will read this one.

7. Why I am a Continuationist by Sam Storms – this is an older but still brilliant short article by Sam Storms, which resonates well with my own thinking and reading of Scripture.

8. A Theology in Outline by Robert Jenson – if you’ve never read anything by this brilliant theologian, I hope my review will encourage you to.

9. Why you need your church building much less than you think – Anglican Vicar and Journalist David Baker writes a provocative piece on what ‘church’ actually is.

10. Speaking Ill of Hugh Hefner by Ross Douthat – a sobering and important piece, in The New York Times, looking at the legacy of the playboy.


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