Top Reads: November 2019

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In my first full month back at IVP (October was somewhat disrupted by three weeks in Australia!) I’ve been having a great time reading a few things. Here are the things I’ve read this month that have got me thinking.

  1. David Firth’s new book Including the Stranger is a superb read. TLDR? Read this if you are wondering about ethnic diversity in a polarised world.
  2. The Chronicle of Higher Education had a great article about approaching academic book editors at conferences. TLDR? Helpful post, pitch me!
  3. One of my books of the year will be Karen Swallow Prior’s On Reading Well. TLDR? This book does exactly what it wants to, and well.
  4. A great blog post (I’m 3 years late…) on why Christians love books. TLDR? More interesting than you think.
  5. Another book I’ve thoroughly enjoyed is David Smiths’ God in the Whirlwind. TLDR? This book is beautiful, soul-searching theology for every wrestler.
  6. My friend Johnny wrote a blog post a while back about why we should consider voting ‘for losers’. TLDR? Read this if you struggle to vote.
  7. Tom Camacho’s Mining for Gold is a book we didn’t know we needed – making ‘coaching’ biblically rigorous. Great leadership development!
  8. An important Guardian article about politics and publishing. TLDR? Why can’t we agree to disagree?
  9. N. T. Wright’s History and Eschatology is a blockbuster. TLDR? It’s a long book, but if it interests you, definitely read it.
  10. A sobering Spectator article about the influence of The Life of Brian. TLDR? What if a film had a negative effect, but not in they way we were warned?

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