Top Reads: May 2020

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May has been a unique month in a unique year. Nevertheless, my reading has continued. Here are a few highlights.

  1. One highlight was James Mumford’s excellent VEXED. TLDR? The world is polarised. But truth can be found on all sides.
  2. Scott McKnight has a great piece for Christianity Today about wallpaper. TLDR? Worth reading, whatever your convictions on women in leadership.
  3. Tom Wright’s new God and the Pandemic is great. TLDR? A helpful book on covid, but also a great intro to Wright’s writings.
  4. Ravi Zacharias has passed away. A friend shared this article, which should challenge us as to how we remember him. TLDR? ‘No one is righteous, not even one’
  5. Richard Brash has written a helpful little book on how God preserved the Bible. TLDR? This is an important thing to think about.
  6. An article from Christianity Today back in February that highlights 25 black theologians. TLDR? Read this, because our black brothers and sisters need to hear us listening.
  7. Gerald Bray’s Doing Theology with the Reformers is awesome. TLDR? Read this book if you care about theology.
  8. I thoroughly enjoyed this article about book reviews. TLDR? Review the book! Don’t summarise it or just make yourself look clever…
  9. Ike Miller’s Seeing by the Light is excellent – a fresh study of the Doctrine of Illumination. TLDR? Those a-ha moments when reading scripture? That’s what this is about. Awesome.
  10. Esau McAuley has written a superb piece on Racism in America.

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