Top Reads: May 2018

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May has been an interesting month. I’ve tried to be honest, whilst trying to keep on reading. Henceforth, I submit, my top reads for May 2018.

  1. Baptism is the initiatory sacrament of the Christian journey. I loved this book by Mez McConnell on this vital topic – packed with practical advice and beautiful gospel.
  2. Five Books Worth Reading – by Bill Gates. I was surprised and encouraged to see Everything Happens for a Reason, a book published by my former employer, on the list. Am intrigued to read the rest.
  3. What can preachers learn from Michael Curry? Ian Paul’s blog post was the most helpful to emerge from the miasma of responses to the sermon at the Royal Wedding.
  4. Twelve Tips for Parenting in the Digital Age – by Tony Reinke. This article gives some great pointers on a complex topic.
  5. Building Church Planting Movements in a Traditional Denomination. As someone who is part of a church-planting movement that is outside of a lot of structures, this article in Affinity’s theological journal was very interesting reading.
  6. I wrote this review years ago. But Gresham’s Christianity and Liberalism is a powerful challenge that reminds us about how to think and what the Gospel is.
  7. There’s Danger to Your Right, Not Just to your Left‘ – this is a helpful TGC article by Trevin Wax.
  8. How Should We Respond to this Transgender Moment? Ian Paul offers a helpful perspective.
  9. People often ask me what its like following Jesus and grappling with mental health issues. I’ve now got a good book to recommend. Mark Meynell’s When Darkness Seems My Closest Friend is that good book.
  10. Why We Should Bulldoze the Business School – as I oscillate between a business career and a theological calling, this is an article that has given me fuel for prayer and pause for thought.

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