Top Reads: July 2020

July was an odd month – lots of reading, but not many book reviews! Next month might see the backlog start to clear… Anyway, here are a few things I really enjoyed reading last month.

  1. John Stevens has written a thoughtful post about Christianity and Black Lives Matter. TLDR? This is a nuanced and careful approach. Read it.
  2. Shundrawn A. Thomas’ Discover Joy in Work. TLDR? This is a readable and enjoyable book about vocation and work. Helped me in the drudgery of remote work.
  3. Praveen Sethupathy has a powerful article about keeping his Hindu name when he became a Christian. TLDR? Jesus came to save people, not change names…
  4. Joe Barnard, The Way Forward. TLDR? An intelligent and human book about male discipleship and spirituality.
  5. Theologian Mike Higton has a helpful personal reflection on being privileged. TLDR? Don’t understand what ‘privilege’ looks like? Read this.
  6. Nancy Pearcey, Love Thy Body.TLDR? A superb primer looking at the ways our culture devalues human embodiment. Essential
  7. Greg Willis has a helpful blog post for pastors over at IX Marks. TLDR? Doctrine always matters, especially in strange times.
  8. Rachel Gilson,  Born Again This Way. TLDR? A powerful book, testimony and apologetic, beautifully written.

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