Top Reads: July 2019

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July has been a great month for reading – with the longer days and hot evenings, I’ve sat down with more books than for a while! There have also been some fascinating articles floating around the internet. Without further ado, though, here are the ten things that have made me think or feel the most in the last month:

  1. John Stott’s The Contemporary Christian has been turned into five little updated books. TLDR? Great bit of publishing from IVP UK!
  2. Evangelicals Now has a fascinating survey/article about the most preached/read books of the Bible. TLDR? Read this to see which books of the Bible don’t get opened that much.
  3. Sam Storms Convergence: Spiritual Journeys of a Charismatic Calvinist is one of my new favourite books. TLDR? Calvinism and charismatic spirituality should go hand in hand. Disagree? Read this book!
  4. I loved this article about a scholar who donated his library to a university. TLDR? Books are awesome.
  5. Justin Humphreys and Lisa Oakley have written Escaping the Maze of Spiritual Abuse. TLDR? Spiritual Abuse is real, and we need to be aware of it. Think carefully!
  6. There’s a great blog post from PFS about when managers see humans as being made in God’s own image.
  7. Julian Hardyman’s little book Fresh Pathways in Prayer is a great intro to this vital topic.
  8. The Economist has an interesting article about when Evangelicals fall out. TLDR? American evangelicalism is weird.
  9. Nick Groom has written an absolutely brilliant history of The Union Jack. TLDR? History of the UK through a flag. Genius.
  10. Peter Singer wrote an interesting piece about the Israel Folau case. TLDR? When atheist ethicists defend Christian views, something’s up.

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