Top Reads: January 2020

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The first month of 2020 has been a great one for reading. There have been new books, old books,

  1. Sharon Hastings Wrestling With My Thoughts is a superb book. TLDR? If you care about mental health and faith, read this book.
  2. Kristie Anyabwile has a great piece at Christian Today on women of colour and the Bible. TLDR? Short and sweet.
  3. Barnabas Piper’s new Help My Unbelief is a really helpful book about doubt. TLDR? Real faith includes doubt!
  4. Over at Living Out, there is a great piece about the importance of saying things about LGBT* issues.
  5. Pete Sanlon’s Simply God is a superb introduction to thinking about God. TLDR? Get to know God better!
  6. My little brother wrote a good thing about Francis Chan, church history, and the Lord’s Supper.
  7. Matthew Barrett’s Canon, Covenant and Christology is superb. TLDR? Believe in Jesus? Believe the Bible!
  8. Ollie Lansdowne has written a superb piece on why evangelicalism needs to make more of Isaiah’s God.
  9. Ann Benton wrote a great book, The Fruitful Home. TLDR? Essential for anyone making a home.
  10. Paul Eddy wrote a great post about why Franklin Graham’s cancellation matters. TLDR? Freedom of Speech is vital.



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