Top Reads: August 2019

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August has been a good month for reading. I’ve finished reading a number of longer books as well as some quick reads. There have also been some fascinating articles floating around the internet. Without further ado, though, here are the ten things that have made me think or feel the most in the last month:

  1. I read and mostly enjoyed Matt Croasmun’s little book on Jesus, Let Me Ask You A Question… TLDR? Think about Jesus!
  2. As the death toll from America’s gun culture continues to rise, The Atlantic has this blunt article about that. TLDR? Read this.
  3. Matthew Bates Salvation by Allegiance Alone is a new favourite book. TLDR? The Gospel is awesome!
  4. An interesting piece about teenagers and the Alt. Right. TLDR? Extremism is everywhere.
  5. John Stevens of the FIEC has written Knowing Our Times. TLDR? Great book for thinking about England as a mission field.
  6. Rose George’s Ninety Percent of Everything is a surprising must-read. TLDR? Read this book if you care about people, stuff and the planet.
  7. A good Ligonier article about Paedobaptism in the early church. TLDR? It’s complicated.
  8. Alan Scott’s Scattered Servants was a joy to read. TLDR? Care about mission or revival? Read this.
  10. Charlie Cleverly’s Epiphanies of the Ordinary is beautiful. TLDR? Want to see more of Jesus in your life? Read this book.

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