Three New Coronavirus books

This post is less a book review than a set of book notices! I’m running a little bit behind on book reviews, due to a) having a newborn, b) work being busy and c) there being a global pandemic on.

Where is God in a Coronavirus World

5 things to pray in a global crisisHealthy Faith coronavirus book












I was glad to be sent review copies of John Lennox’s new Where is God in a Coronavirus World?, which is a short, readable and gentle apologetics book. I’d recommend this to folk wanting a simple gift to give to friends, but would suggest looking elsewhere for a full theological unpacking of the answers to that question. One way you could answer the question is how John Piper does, in his robust and provocative Coronavirus and Christ. That title, however, wouldn’t work so well for an evangelistic giveaway. I listened to Where is God in a Coronavirus World? as an audiobook, but it is a nicely produced little book that fits in your pocked.

The kind folks at The Good Book Company also sent me a copy of the latest title in the Five Things to Pray for… series. The simply named Five Things to Pray in a Global Crisis is another handy little book – in this case perfect for helping Christians pray when perhaps we might find it difficult. I enjoyed Five Things to Pray for Your City when I reviewed it last year – and … a Global Crisis continues that helpful formula for the present situation.

Thirdly and finally, I’m really excited about something that I’ve been working on at work with IVP, a brand new edited collection of briefings/responses/ideas for thriving in the Coronavirus Crisis. Healthy Faith, in short title form, is a brilliant collection of thoughts edited and collected by Kristi Mair and Luke Cawley, and I genuinely believe it is a book for our time. You can  read the full contents page here, and also sign up to preorder it for a pound off here. Over 20 chapters and several practical appendices, a sort of evangelical-Avengers team offer a range of perspectives and ideas for how to thrive in all of life with  Christ, even under lockdown. It’s been a joy to work on and I can’t wait to see if it is as good as I hope and pray and think that it is…

Plus, it has really cute people on the cover…

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