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As intimated at in my earlier post this month on what I’m hoping to read in 2017, I tend to read quite a bit. Books, ebooks, papers, book reviews, magazines, blogs, and articles of every stripe end up in front of my eyes and sometimes even inside my brain. I’m convinced of the value of reading for spiritual growth, as I blogged this time last year, and of encouraging others to read. So, with that in mind, I’m going to be recommending a few things in retrospect each month. This isn’t just me being altruistic – and I’m under no illusions as to the small size of the readership of this blog – I’m hoping it will be a discipline to easily find and recall things that I’ve found useful and read that month.

So, on or around the last day of each month, I’ll post a blog post with a list of the top ten or so things I’ve read that month. It might be books, it might be articles, but I hope that I’ll be reading at least ten things each month of this year that are worth sharing!

The January post should arrive on the internet very soon!

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