My Top Ten Books of 2018

After reading over one hundred books (And reviewing 55!) in 2018, I thought I’d distill my opinions into one shorter list – my Top Ten books of 2018. It’s worth noting that this is an idiosyncratic list – not all of these were published in 2018, and they represent my own general reading. So, without further ado…

  1. Jimmy Dodd and Larry Magnusson’s Pastors are People Too – this was my favourite book of the year. I’m not a pastor, but I loved reading this, and have been recommending it widely.
  2. Laurence Rees, The Holocaust – a sobering, monumental book. Popular history with serious lessons for today.
  3. Susan Eastman’s Paul and the Person – a helpful and thoughtful academic book on Paul’s view of the human person.
  4. Kate Bowler’s Everything Happens for a Reason – a powerful and poignant memoir of suffering, interspersed with reflection on the Prosperity Gospel.
  5. Rowan Williams’ Being Human – an excellent little book, completing a helpful trilogy.
  6. Rachel Newham, Learning to Breathe – a beautiful, profound and painful book about depression and suicide.
  7. David Bennett, A War of Loves – a superb book, blending a personal story and profound theological reflection on issues of sexuality and desire.
  8. Jennifer Bute, Dementia from the Inside – a small book blending memoir and theology.
  9. Chris Lane, Ordinary Miracles – a nicely written, self-deprecating book, which challenges perceptions and practice around church planting and leadership.
  10. Todd Wilson, Mere Sexuality – probably the best book I’ve read this year on sex and spirituality.

Keen-eyed readers will note that 4, 5, 6 and 8 are SPCK books – some of which I’d worked on in some way whilst working there. Otherwise, this Top Ten echoes my general set of interests – church, being human, and history. For a mix of brief opinions and some links to reviews on the other 93 books I read last year, check out this post.

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