Grove Doctrine: An Interview with Gabrielle Thomas

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Regular readers may have noted that I’m part of a team working on the Doctrine series for Grove books. As part of that, I’m chuffed to share some interviews and reviews! Here’s the first in what I hope will be an ongoing series….

Grove Doctrine Gabrielle Thomas

Hi! who are you and what do you do?

I’m Gabrielle Thomas! I am the convener for the doctrine stream at Grove Books. A few years ago I began to gather a team of practioners and theologians, who bring a wide range of theological perspectives and skills.

What’s Grove Doctrine about?

The Grove Doctrine Series aims to offer accessible ways into the key doctrinal questions and concerns facing churches in the UK and beyond. Books are written to enable Christians to think through doctrine in ways that are meaningful to their lives today. The series covers a wide range of approaches to doctrine, such as:

  • Why a particular doctrine matters for life of the Church
  • Thinking doctrinally through an aspect of the Christian life (e.g.
    prayer, providence)
  • Exploring how the history of doctrinal theology can speak to the
    contemporary church context
  • Asking what it means think doctrinally today
  • Analyses of Christian beliefs

What’s the big idea you hope readers will take away?

Doctrine Matters!

How do you think Doctrine can change the life of ordinary Christians?

The series provides a way of ‘thinking with’ a broad range of theologians through the ages. The goal is deepening faith and critical engagement with some key debates in the church.

What’s your prayer for the Grove Doctrine series?

That through it people become excited about doctrine!

The first three booklets are out now! They can be purchased direct from Grove, and are a bargain! As I read and review them, I’ll link back to this post.

  • D1: Why Doctrine Matters, by Mike Higton
  • D2: Three Questions about Providence: How, When and Why does God act?, by Terry J. Wright
  • D3: Doctrine and Change: Making Sense of the Story of Christian Doctrine, by Richard Clutterbuck

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