Book Review: Life as a Vapor

Life as a Vapor

Reviewing a devotional like this is perennially difficult because some people dislike John Piper, and after all, the way we do our quiet times is often quite personal. This year, I’ve been reading through Walking With God Day by Day which is by/on Martyn Lloyd Jones, and then doing a number of monthly/other-number studies alongside that. I picked up Life as a Vapor and have found it immensely valuable. Alongside a Bible reading devotional, this slightly eclectic but always thoughtful collection of devotions has been a highlight. I might use it again next year!

A particular strength of this over other 30/31 day undated devotionals I’ve used/read is that it reads like a proper book, rather than an almost-duty-bound snippet of writing. The titles/topics demonstrate the breadth of this little book: ‘Does It Matter What Others Think?’, ‘Thanksgiving for the Lives of Flawed Saints’, ‘Hope-Giving Promises for Triumph Over Sin’, ‘Taking the Swagger Out of Christian Cultural Influence, among others. The second strength is that the prayer at the end of each chapter feels natural and relevant to the day’s reading – rather than disconnected or formulaic.

If you are looking for an undated devotional but don’t know where to start, then I’d definitely recommend Life as a Vapor!

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