Book Review: Jesus Saves, But How?

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I came across this little ebook after hearing various things about the author’s view on the Atonement. I came in expecting to be frustrated, and whilst I was, I was grateful for the way in which the author does demonstrate his learning and the various ways in which we can see the Cross. Steve is someone who has become a good friend in the time since I read the book, and I’ve published my own little ebook (on the Lord’s Supper) in the same Kingdom Praxis Solo series.

Jesus Saves, But How? Telling the Story of Atonement in Today’s World is a brilliantly anarchic, provocative and thought-demanding book on the Cross of Christ from someone who is involved both in pastoral ministry and academic theological research. Steve is someone who lets both elements of his ministry play into each other – and it is from this interplay that the book springs. Throughout, the author references another book ‘The Wondrous Cross’, by Steve Holmes, which is a much more robust and (from my perspective, at least!) fully-formed look at this central doctrine of Christianity. That said, this ebook is NOT a waste of time, and has been a helpful conversation-partner/question-asker for me as I work through the Atonement in my own thinking.

This is probably the shortest review of any book that I’ve published on my blog. This isn’t to dismiss this little book – rather, it is an encouragement to read it if you are engaged in these sort of conversations. I’d encourage you to also read Steve Holmes’ book, and John Stott’s magisterial The Cross of Christ.

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