Book Review: Convergence

As someone who understands their Christianity as being both charismatic and Reformed, Calvinist and Vineyard, I often find myself being asked to explain just how I hold those two tensions together. My background and upbringing was in a Reformed Baptist … Continued

Book Review: Why We Belong

This review originally appeared in the Churchman Journal, and was published in 2014. With a Reformed Baptist background, an Anglican wife and postgraduate education, and a Vineyard present, I approached this multi-perspective volume with interest. The editors have done thoughtful Christians a … Continued

Top Reads: June 2019

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Readers will notice a Pauline flavour this month – Steve Chalke’s new book on Paul has come out – so apologies if you don’t like Paul. Anyway, here are the top ten things I’ve read this month (With a few … Continued


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