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I’ve recently started writing some articles for another website.

No, don’t worry, this isn’t me selling out, neither is it me pretending to speak for someone else.

An old school friend and some other folk have started a website whose aims I can entirely endorse:

Jericho is a platform for writers and artists to challenge commonly-held perceptions and inform a wide readership. We’re committed to providing authoritative analysis through long-form, quality journalism: we don’t seek to be the first to break the story, we seek to give it context through careful analysis.

Through the lens of current affairs, Jericho strives to put stories into perspective by asking big questions and situating global issues in their local context across its two distinct sections: Briefings and In Depth. Our Briefings section keeps readers up to speed by analysing current events around the globe. With In Depth, writers who are experts in their field use their extensive knowledge of a topic to offer deep, probing analysis of issues. Our writing aims to provoke debate and encourage interest in the stories we cover.

We recently launched our newsletter, a weekly email that gives you the highlights of our content, as well as a look at articles from other publications that we enjoy. It is designed to give you a detailed and even look at the week’s news.

I love this. I love the idea of a platform to challenge people – and that also intends to analyse things. I’ll offer my thoughts as long as Jericho will take them – and I can’t wait to see what they publish.

They recently published my article on the church in China…

The untold story of the World’s Largest Church

I’m hoping to have another briefing-length piece on what ‘evangelicalism’ is out soon – and then I’ll be writing (according to my plans – they may well stop it) something each month, depending on whats in the news.

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