What I Learn From: Introducing a new series

Over the various years I’ve been following Jesus, I have been immensely blessed/challenged/changed/empowered/frustrtated/equipped/developed/released by a wide range of places and people.

Some of these are churches – places and people I’ve invested in, latterly with my wife – whilst others are institutions or gatherings.

As part of my ongoing concern for unity and hope, I’ve spent some time recently reflecting on, praying about, and giving thanks to God for, some of the things I’ve learnt from different places and people.

Over the next couple of months, I’ll be sharing some of the key lessons I’ve learnt from the following (at least!)

  • Chertsey Street Baptist Church (the Church I grew up in, was baptised in, and learnt about leadership)
  • Cornerstone Church, Nottingham (the Church I was part of for most of my first year of University)
  • Trent Vineyard Church, Nottingham (the Church I spent 2 years at at university, did a Discipleship Year, and a Masters whilst being part of)
  • St John’s College, Nottingham (the Anglican College I did my MA at, and spent a year in an Anglican Liturgical cycle)
  • Holy Trinity, Brompton (The Anglican Church and home of Alpha where Amy and I lead an Alpha Table and a Connect Group)
  • London School of Theology (the theological college I thoroughly enjoyed working at)
  • South West London Vineyard (the church we currently live and lead and rest at)
  • FIEC (A movement of churches I’ve loved to have related to)
  • UCCF (a movement of Christians that inspire me)

I’ll probably add different groups to this, as I reflect on them.

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