Two Beautiful New Vineyard Worship Songs

From time to time I like to celebrate good examples of musical/other worship, from different parts of the body of Christ. As someone embedded locally in, and theologically invested in, a Vineyard Church, I’m particularly encouraged when I see or hear things from that stable that point people to Jesus and speak truth in a creative way. Today, I want to share two songs that I’ve really appreciated in recent times.


The first is from Vineyard Music Aotearoa NZ (The New Zealand/Australian branch of the Vineyard movement), and is called ‘Sit at Your Feet’. In some ways, this is a difficult song to listen to – and as a non-musician, it is probably a difficult song to do – but I think there is beauty in it. Lyrically simple, musically haunting, and fundamentally directed to Jesus, I think this is a beautiful song.

The second song is a bit different.


I love the lyrics that open this song:

In this world we will have trouble
And our hearts will cry for home
Jesus, how we long to see
You See You seated on Your throne

This is a song about hopeful waiting.

This is a worship song that invites people even in the worst of times, into hope.

The theology of the Kingdom of God is a beautiful thing – and part of the Kingdom of God, as understood and inaugurated by Jesus, is the real and sure and certain hope that the Kingdom is coming. In tension with that, as we look around in this present age, we see that the Kingdom is not yet come. This song, I think, aims to explore and inhabit the tension of these two positions.

Regardless of what I think – here are two good songs.

Love to know your thoughts!

  1. Patricia Skean

    I love them both! I am new (about 16 months) to Vineyard so I was looking up music. I am happy at church in PA (BRV). Thanks, Patti

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