Top Reads: September 2018

After August, usually comes September. This month’s edition of ‘Top Reads’ includes a few things that I actually read previously, but couldn’t fit in a list of 10.

  1. MORE: Distinct by Calvin Samuel. TLDR? Great little book on holiness that is well worth reading.
  2. Over at the Spectator James Kirkup asks ‘is the BBC scared of the Transgender debate?‘. This is a helpful piece, in my opinion, that should have all thoughtful people thinking carefully.
  3. Learning to Breathe by Rachel Newham. TLDR? Beautifully written book about mental health and faith.
  4. The September Editorial for Evangelicals Now was excellent, in my opinion. Short enough for anyone to read.
  5. Trans Activism and Intersectional Feminism – this was a provocatively thoughtful blogpost. TLDR? Women don’t matter, according to some Trans folk. So should we care?
  6. Adesanya Adewusi writes beautifully about the Prosperity Gospel – and what it means to move on from it towards following Jesus. Great bit of writing. TLDR? Actual convert says that Jesus is better.
  7. The Gospel and Social Justice – Fundamentalist and Progressive Distortions. The Brilliant Michael Bird skewers some sacred cows at both ends of a spectrum/debate. TLDR? Chill out and think, and be obedient to Jesus.
  8. Race and Place by David P. Leong. TLDR? A great book looking at systems of injustice, with the lenses of race and place the ‘way in’. An important little book.
  9. A Right to Choose? Over at Brephos, Dave Brennan considers the mandate for Christians to be involved in conversations around human rights. TLDR? Read this if you are wondering if there is a biblical mandate for the church to advocate on behalf of the unborn.
  10. 40 Year Old Virgin? Kate Wharton, Assistant National Director for New Wine, has written this fantastic blog post reflection on an aspect of her identity. TLDR? Read this.

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