Top Reads: October 2018

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After my (slightly late) roundup of what I read in September, I’ve got what I read in October ready to go…

    1. A great blog post over at the Good Book Company, ‘When Depression Makes Church So Hard‘. TLDR: Read this to help understand why people wrestling with depression and other mental illnesses might find church difficult. It resonated with my experiences.
    2. Andrew Wilson on on ‘are Ethics non-essential?‘ TLDR: What we believe is important, and so is what we do. Recommended read.
    3. So Great a Salvation: Soteriology in the Majority World. TLDR? This book advances the convesration on what the Gospel is and does, and also introduces some brilliant majority world theologians and perspectives.
    4. Peter Tatchell, ‘Ashers ‘gay cake’ verdict is a victory for freedom of expression‘. TLDR: A fascinating take, that I agree with, on a legal controversy by a leading Gay Rights Campaigner.
    5. At Premier, a great review and reflection of/on the recent BBC Documentary on Christians Against Poverty.
    6. At UCCF’s BeThinking blog, David Instone-Brewer has a genuinely helpful series on ‘Bible Scandals’. The post on Prostitutes is particularly good.
    7. Travel by Peter Grier. TLDR? This book is actually something genuinely new, and I’d hope that it gets a wide reading.
    8. Ian Paul wonders where The Cross is in the Book of Revelation. TLDR? Read this.
    9. Good News: National Witness? by Tom Wright. TLDR? Great lecture for Fulcrum by one of the worlds most prolific Christian thinkers.
    10. Not a read but a short watch – Milton Jones on why Christianity is weird:


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