Top Reads: May 2019

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It is always good to read stuff. But it is quite difficult to know what to read, let alone when, so each month I try and share a few things I’ve found interesting or helpful – on some of the topics I’m interested in. This month includes prayer, leadership, and more.


  1. I recently read Kurt Thompson’s The Soul of Shame. TLDR? Easily in my top ten books of this year.
  2. James Felton has a hilarious but poignant article about Change UK for the Guardian. TLDR? Worth reading if interested in politics.
  3. Catherine Campbell’s Broken Works Best is a beautiful book. TLDR? Suffering happens, how will you engage with it?
  4. Over at The Atlantic there is a fascinating post about what is happening to books in libraries. TLDR? Long post well worth reading if you are interested in books, libraries, education etc.
  5. Anglican Theologian Martin Davie has written a robust post, ‘Why the Argument for ‘equal marriage’ undermines itself‘. TLDR? Read this if you are at all convinced that marriage has nothing to do with male/female difference.
  6. Elizabeth Gerhardt’s book The Cross and Gendercide is amazing. TLDR? This book demonstrates the possibility of theology, the power of the cross, and educates us on the shocking crimes present in our world.
  7. In Comment magazine, Ed Bosvelt has an interesting article on Work, Meaning and Choice. TLDR? Worth reading as the world of work changes.
  8. Serhii Plokhii’s superb book on the Chernobyl disaster is one of the most compelling histories I’ve ever read.
  9. Haydon Spencely has written a beautiful piece on being disabled that everyone should read. TLDR? The BBC article barely scratches the surface.

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