Top Reads: May 2017

Most months of the year, I try to share a list of things that have really affected my thinking. This ties in to my 2017 reading challenge – to read, mark and learn a number of texts beyond my normal literary fodder that I should read and care about. The previous post celebrates the things I loved in April 2017.

So, without further ado, here are my ‘Top Reads’ for May 2017:

  1. Vaughan Roberts’ little book on Transgender – this is a small book, not my normal fare, but something that addresses some of the big questions in our culture. I reviewed it.
  2. Seattle Reboot: Life after Mars Hill – a great piece over at the Gospel Coalition about the fall and resurrection of what Driscoll was trying to do.
  3. Do you struggle connecting your faith with how you use/experience your body? I linked to this book from IVP.
  4. How much do you read each year? I resonated with this video about the power and practice of reading regularly.
  5. The Church and Transgender Identity. This article from Commonweal Magazine was typically balanced and though-provoking.
  6. What happens at the end of the world? This blog post from Think Theology was brilliant, and echoed my positive thoughts in my review of this Grove Booklet.
  7. Artificial Wombs and the Abolition of Woman. If you haven’t discovered the work and writing of my friend Alastair, you should. This was a typically incisive, thought-producing blog post.
  8. Evangelical, Sacramental, Pentecostal. Probably the best book I read this month – published earlier – I wish we all thought about words a little more…
  9. Why as a Christian I am voting Conservative. This brilliant guest post over at Ian Paul’s blog demonstrates a number of things: a) Ian doesn’t mind entertaining views different to his own, b) why voting ‘NOW’ is different from one’s perspective on the ‘Not Yet’, c) how we could reimagine the future…
  10. Do you have a book in you? I’ve been a friend of this author for years – I was thrilled to see her book published, and really appreciated her thoughts in this blog post.

So there you go.

The best things, broadly speaking, I read in May of 2017.

I hope they help.

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