Top Reads: March 2018

Top Reads March 2018

March has been a good month for reading – here are ten highlights.

  1. Interested in The Walking Dead? Even if you aren’t, you probably know people who are. Danielle Strickland has written a great book about this. Read my review of The Zombie Gospel!
  2. Why I Rarely Listen to Recorded Sermons – by Eddie Arthur. Great blog post, which I think invites us to reconsider the ‘point’ of sermons.
  3. Discerning the Dawn – N. T. Wright’s Gifford Lectures. A great way to spend time – listening to one of the worlds best New Testament scholars talk about the future.
  4. Dear John… – by Terry LeBlanc, Mi’kmaq/Acadian. A fascinating, sobering post that taps into some important conversations on race, colonialism, reconciliation and so on.
  5. I’m not normally one to recommend reviews – but my friend Robin Ham has written a beautiful review of Mike Ovey’s last bookThe Goldilocks Zone. My review here.
  6. My former colleague Juliet wrote a great post – ‘Five Books Every Girl Should Read‘. Includes the excellent Scars Across Humanity by Elaine Storkey.
  7. Michael Ots, the university evangelist, has written a great little reflection on apologetics: ‘A Tale of Two Unis‘. Well worth reading if you are involved with student mission, apologetics, culture, and so on.
  8. Who will protect Nigeria’s Northern Christians? This Spectator article asks a question most folk won’t have thought of.
  9. A Quiet Exodus – Why Blacks are leaving White Evangelical Churches. A sobering, thought-provoking article. US-focused, but important for the rest of us to read.
  10. This is a sobering article: The Tech Evangelist who now fears for our mental health. Read this.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading these. I should also say, self-promotingly, that I’ve started writing for a new thoughtful news website, which you can read about here.

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