Top Reads: June 2019

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Readers will notice a Pauline flavour this month – Steve Chalke’s new book on Paul has come out – so apologies if you don’t like Paul. Anyway, here are the top ten things I’ve read this month (With a few bonus links, to thinks I liked less or flesh out the recommended reads!)

  1. Pondering Paul? Paul Behaving Badly is the book on Paul most of us should read.
  2. David Robertson has written a robust piece for Christian Today about Steve Chalke’s new book. TLDR? Read this before you read the book (I’ve also reviewed it)
  3. I re-read Tim Chester’s book You Can Change and reviewed it. TLDR? Read this book if you want to pursue holiness and become more like Jesus.
  4. David Ould has an excellent piece on the Bible’s clarity, particularly on issues of marriage. TLDR? Marty Percy might not be the authority he thinks he is.
  5. Michael Bird has an interesting list of the Top Ten Books on Paul. TLDR? Don’t have time to do a PhD in Paul? Here are some things to read.
  6. Andy Frost’s new book Long Story Short is brilliant. TLDR? Stories matter – which ones do you believe?
  7. Veteran LGBT+ campaigner Peter Tatchell has a fascinating and probing piece in the Guardian on why Pride has effectively sold out to ‘rainbow-coloured capitalism’ (his words, not mine!). TLDR? Well worth reading, so I won’t summarise it.
  8. Steve Burnhope, a friend and fellow Vineyard Pastor, has a new book, Atonement and the New Perspective. TLDR? Long, academic, and provocative, if you care about the atonement, this is worth reading. Read my review and interview with Steve for more to help you decide.
  9. Mike Smith, an Anglican Vicar and school governor has a thought-provoking article for Church Society titled ‘No Outsiders’. TLDR? Good reflections on true tolerance in our culture.
  10. Klyne Snodgrass’s book Who God Says You Are is SUPERB. TLDR? READ THIS BOOK, PLEASE!

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