Top Reads: January 2019

Whilst you might be bored of my reading recommendations – having just shared my Top Ten Books of 2018, and indeed a brief summary of everything I read last year, I’m still trying to read more broadly and widely.

So, here’s what I’ve found helpful, interesting, inspiring and so on this month:

  1. The BBC’s ‘Long Reads’ are often great – this one on Brazil’s new President is definitely worth your time. TLDR? Trump of the Tropics or more to the story?
  2. The first book I read this year has shot to my recommended reading list – David Robertson’s Magnificent Obsession is great. TLDR? Read this book if you are interested in Jesus.
  3. Speaking of books, this Guardian article, ostensibly about Marie Kondo, offers a reason not to throw books away. TLDR? Don’t throw books away.
  4. Vineyard UK has a great story about how the Church, on the streets, can be a community of peace.
  5. John Benton, the former pastor of the Church I grew up in, has written a great book about resilience in Christian leadership. TLDR? Read this book if you are a Christian leader of any kind.
  6. This month saw the death of Michael Green, a brilliant evangelist, author and scholar. I think J. John’s Tribute captures my thoughts.
  7. Anglican Vicar Peter Sanlon has written a very helpful little book, drawing together sermons and reflections on false teaching, called ‘The Bible Theft‘. TLDR? Read this book if you are a church leader.
  8. Rich Nathan has written a very good article with ten reasons why he, as a Christian pastor, opposes abortion. TLDR? A nuanced pro-life approach.
  9. Heroin for Middle Class Nerds‘ – this Guardian article illuminates some reasons as to why I, like thousands of others, enjoy ‘Warhammer’. TLDR? Finance, community, story.
  10. John Stevens, FIEC National Director, has written an interesting post touching on recent debates online about communion and baptism. TLDR? Niche, but really interesting. My position on Communion is more ‘open’, and I need to think further about Baptism.

Oh, and you should all be reading the Pastoral Epistles.

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