Top Reads: February 2018

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Following on from last month’s roundup, here are some of the things I’ve enjoyed reading this month. I hope they are of interest.

  1. God Has a Name – by John Mark Comer. This helpful book considers what it means to worship a God who tells us who God is.
  2. GDPR for Charities – by Greg Ashton of Reason Digital
  3. Understanding Spiritual Abuse – by Lisa Oakley. This is a thoughtful article in the Church Times, about the growing conversation around ‘Spiritual Abuse’ from one of very few people academically qualified to speak about it.
  4. TL;DR Edition of the Bible from the Babylon Bee. For those, like me, new to using the English language as a series of short abbreviations, ‘tldr’ means ‘too long, didn’t read’. The Babylon Bee is a Christian satire news site. This is a hilarious, and quite helpful, overview of the Bible.
  5. The Corpus of James K. A. Smith: a worldview made flesh. This is a helpful introduction to one of my favourite contemporary thinkers
  6. Glen Scrivener – Divine Comedy. A great new evangelistic Easter book from one of my favourite evangelists.
  7. The Heresies of Jayne Ozanne – Melvin Tinker. Reluctant though I am to link to Anglican Ink, this is a thoughtful, technical piece of writing.
  8. Anger: Not Such a Bad Thing – by Alison Kings over at Fulcrum. This is a powerful reflection from a trained psychotherapist and Bishop’s spouse. Well worth reading.
  9. Billy Graham – The Church Times Obituary. This is one of the most helpful things I’ve read about the legacy of this wonderful servant of God.
  10. Confessions of a Reluctant Complementarian. This is a fascinating, and well-written post, about a contentious issue. I share it, not because I agree with the author, but because I think she wrestles beautifully with scripture.


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