Top Reads: August 2018

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The first half of August was spent on holiday in the USA – so I’ve had more time to read than usual, and some inspirational settings to do it in!

  1. Over at Living Out, Sean Doherty writes helpfully on same sex couples and one aspect of how to pastor them as they come towards Jesus. TLDR? It’s complicated.
  2. John Piper has an interesting reflection on visiting a ‘mainline’ church. TLDR? Please pray – the mission of God demands it.
  3. Writing for his blog on Patheos, the brilliant Michael Bird has an interesting reflection on the future of the Church of England, which is worth reading and reflecting on by all who take seriously the task of living and speaking for Jesus in the UK (and, probably, culturally similar countries). TLDR? Sorry, you should probably read this post.
  4. As technology continues to develop, it is vital for the Church to think theologically about it. This book
  5. Over at Jericho, Manon Oliveri writes about the Benalla scandal – which is apparently big news in French politics. TLDR? Politics is complex and involves people.
  6. I read and found slightly bemusing Justin Welby’s book
  7. For the Spectator, Mary Wakefield asks ‘Why sack a Catholic Priest for being Catholic?‘ This is a sobering post that raises some good questions for our culture, and for those of us who are people of faith attempting to live and speak about that faith, and some of its less popular aspects. TLDR? Dang, really?
  8. The Guardian reports on a report challenging the status quo of religious education in the UK. As a former RE/RS student, and theology/religious studies graduate, I have some thoughts on this! TLDR? Religion still matters – why aren’t we making space for it in education?
  9. What’s Wrong with Reparative Therapy? For a conservative blog, Heath Lambert writes a fascinating post, well worth reading for anyone interested in the intersection of sexuality, identity and Christianity. TLDR? Don’t do it.
  10. Andy Johnston’sĀ Convinced by Scripture is a good biography of Martin Luther. TLDR? Read about Martin Luther.
  11. Sorry, bit of self promotion. I was quite pleased with this sermon I preached. TLDR? Jesus is more important.

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