Top Reads: April 2020

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Here are a few of the things I read and enjoyed last month!

  1. The New Statesman ran a provocative article about how Coronavirus is history-changing. TLDR? Change happens. Humans are not invincible. The EU might be over.
  2. Lucy Peppiatt’s Rediscovering Scripture’s Vision for Women is brilliant. TLDR? An excellent short case for ‘egalitarianism’.
  3. Natalie Collins has a powerful article for CEASE about pornography, violence and abuse at the present time. TLDR? The Coronavirus crisis reveals human sin.
  4. Eugene Peterson’s A Long Obedience in the Same Direction is a modern classic for a reason. TLDR? Read this book at this time!
  5. Sharon Hastings wrote a poignant piece for Christian Today about suffering and God’s sovereignty. TLDR? Read this, from the excellent author of Wrestling With My Thoughts.
  6. Matthew Barrett’s None Greater. TLDR? A great book about God. You need to read it!
  7. Over at Theos, Nick Spencer has a good question about Clapping for the NHS: Our New Religion? TLDR? We need to be careful of idolatry, because we are human.
  8. Wright and Bird’s The New Testament in it’s World. TLDR? Seriously long, but seriously helpful.
  9. Brett Gray wrote an excellent blog for SCM about God‘s sovereignty. TLDR? Super, super stuff. Real Calvinism.
  10. John Starke’s superb The Possibility of Prayer is a new book on prayer. TLDR? This one is really good.

And a bonus, because I’m SO EXCITED about it – I’ve worked on something recently, and you can read about it in this post about three books for our Coronavirus time.

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