Top Reads April 2019

It is always good to read stuff. But it is quite difficult to know what to read, let alone when, so each month I try and share a few things I’ve found interesting or helpful – on some of the topics I’m interested in. This month includes Brexit, Truth, leadership, and more…

  1. Apparently, the EU is an Empire. But what would I know?! TLDR? Brexit is complicated.
  2. Alistair Begg has a beautiful new book out called Pray Big: learn to pray like an apostle. TLDR? Great prayer primer.
  3. Andy Bannister, who has a PhD in Islamic studies, has written a helpful post engaging with a perennial question: Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? TLDR? No, but make sure you know why.
  4. I really enjoyed Daniel M. Doriani’s new book Work. TLDR? Important, theological and practical new book.
  5. David Robertson has written a provocative but in my view helpful analysis of Mark Driscoll’s ministry, based on a talk Driscoll gave back in 2008. TLDR? Vital reading for leaders.
  6. VCUKI’s The Cause to Live For is a great conference – and now a book! TLDR? Bitesize chunks of great teaching.
  7. Really interesting Fashionista article about celebrity pastors and expensive trainers. TLDR? Does it matter what Christian leaders wear?
  8. Paul Mallard’s latest book, Invest Your Disappointments is an early contender for my book of the year. TLDR? Everyone is disappointed. Read.
  9. Ian Paul has some, in my opinion, excellent comments about Richard Rohr’s latest book. TLDR? Christology is complex and simple, and Rohr is wide of the mark.
  10. Interesting article from the Marriage Foundation about ‘No Fault Divorce’. TLDR? Probably not as scary as it sounds.


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