Top Reads: April 2017

Slightly late off the bat with this – given that it is now May. But I hope you’ll forgive me.

  1. A really clever, if offensive and confusing video advert, from Thailand. See if you can guess what they are selling before the end!
  2. A great piece of comment and web design from the BBC, charting the rise of Emmanuel Macron.
  3. I’ve long followed ‘A Queer Calling’, a blog written by a celibate Lesbian couple. Their recent post on Celibacy as a mature calling is superb.
  4. Richard Lints’ brilliant book on a biblical theology of being human, which I reviewed (due to be published in Churchman)
  5. A brilliant book, called and about ‘Knowing Christ‘, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading and reviewing.
  6. A sobering and challenging interview-come-article about Rachel Dolezal: The Heart of Whiteness
  7. Probably my favourite Buzzfeed Article EVER – British Food, Explained for Americans. Both hilarious, and probably quite useful for our easily confused cousins.
  8. Ben Cooley, CEO of Hope for Justice, has written a brilliant book called Impossible is a Dare. Get a copy. I’ve reviewed it.
  9. A great piece in the Guardian: Defend Tim Farron, a true liberal, even if it makes us queasy. Essential reading.
  10. Have you ever wondered if salvation as a Christian is about more than just me? Great little article over at Christian Today by Freddie Pimm about his upcoming book.

May will be a month with a lot of reading, I hope – but do check out the above!

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