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Anyone who’s read my recent post summing up how I’m getting on with my 2017 Reading Challenge (To myself) or the roundup of the things I think people should read after August has taken place will know that I have a new acronym that I’m bearing in mind. That said, depending on which of the above links you didn’t read, you might not know how I feel about acronyms.

But I digress.

I really like reading – and I want to encourage others to read. But, sometimes, for various reasons, folk don’t read the things they might, and so people on the internet deploy this acronym:

TLDR Reading

This stands for ‘Too Long, Didn’t Read’, and is meant to provoke the response from the writer/content provider/blogger ‘oh, sorry, here’s a summary’.

So, for the sake of argument, here’s my response to the TLDR dream:

  • On bi-annual roundups of my reading from the year, I’ll link to the reviews I’ve written of the books that I would either recommend or think folk might want to aware of.
  • On the monthly roundups of the things (mostly articles, sometimes videos, rarely books) I’ve read in the last 20-30 days, I’ll provide a TLDR summary.
  • Regardless, we can always read more, but attempting to encourage people to by giving readers a hint is part of that…

Thanks for reading.

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