Regular readers will know that I’m privileged to be working for SPCK, and IVP, on telling people about books on the internet. More thoughtful readers will be well aware that I’m a big fan of one of IVP’s best selling authors, the late and much loved John Stott. Being very influenced by his concept of ‘double listening’, that is, reading God’s World and reading God’s Word, together, I hope to stand in his broad and faithful tradition. With that in mind, I’ve reviewed a couple of his books in the past:

Recently IVP has started to release some video/blog reflections of the teaching and legacy of John Stott, kicking off with Calvin Samuel on Prayer, Christopher Wright on Mission, Chine McDonald on Devotion, and David Turner on Unity. Two more videos are forthcoming.


This is the ‘#SeasonofStott’ in more ways than just IVP’s, however. The Good Book Company, a bookseller/pubisher based in London for whom I have much admiration, has just published a new book byJohn Stott.

Yes, you hear that correctly.

Stott died back in 2011, but his seminal chapter on Same-Sex Relationships from the doorstop Contempory Christians has been edited and extended, by Sean Dohery of St Mellitus College and Living Out, into a short and readable little book. You can read my review here.

Wwhy not take this sunny chance to rediscover one of the UK/Anglicanism/evangelicalism’s best bible teachers?


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